Band period 2011-2014.

James Wood was a Eindhoven based neo-folk band. Besides of fulfilling my role as frontman of the band, I co-produced their EP and shot several videos in the period 2011 - 2014. During that time the band was part of Proud of the South, a talent program initiated by six large music venues (013, Effenaar, Gebouw-T, Groene Engel, Mezz and  W2). James Wood got picked up at the 2011 edition of Naked Song (Muziekgebouw Eindhoven), performed at Bevrijdingsfestival (Den Bosch) and took part of the Sena PopNL Award 2014 at the Melkweg (Amsterdam). 

EP concept & execution

Songwriting & music

edit + color grading & songwriting